About Us

High Standards Technology, Inc.’s mission is simple: “Be the Best of the Best.” Our company was established from a desire to “Be the Best of the Best” Information Technology (IT) consulting firm available to serve Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas. We are committed to “Being the Best of the Best,” by consistently providing superior IT services in a timely and affordable manner. Our strategy revolves around a business environment that emphasizes responsiveness and integrity while promoting long-term, seamless partnerships with vendors and clients based on mutual respect and professionalism. To “Be the Best of the Best” means we ensure our clients achieve their tactical and strategic business goals by unifying technology solutions to reduce costs, decrease cycle times, and strategically manage business processes throughout the enterprise, while rewarding our astounding associates and giving back to the community that has given so greatly to us.

Houston Information Technology - Stana

Stana Steen
President & CEO,

High Standards Technology, Inc.