Managed Services

Even with a fully staffed IT department, most businesses are not prepared to handle every possible new technology. If your technology isn’t up to date or isn’t working properly – you can’t operate your business efficiently. Sometimes, broken technology means you can’t operate your business at all! Hiring additional IT staff or contracting the work out to a technology firm to fix things as they break is a temporary and costly solution. Working with us gives you access to Flat Rate IT benefits through our managed services offering.

With managed services from High Standards Technology, Inc., you'll get:

  • On-demand response and support from trained managed service providers, without all the costs.
  • A fixed monthly rate for all your IT needs.
  • Improved employee productivity without the hassles of handling IT support in-house.
  • Complete managed IT services for servers, networks, software and hardware components.

Let High Standards Technology, Inc. show you how a managed services offering can save your organization money and eliminate downtime. If you’re still paying IT consultants by the hour to fix things after they break, you’re paying too much for your technology needs. With the flat rate fee model for managed services, our company benefits from keeping your business up and running or fixing problems immediately just like you do! Instead of benefiting from your business pain, we can now share in your success.

As Houston’s leading Managed Services provider, High Standards Technology, Inc. utilizes the latest technology to help you succeed, providing you with all the advantages of IT service and support while sparing you the high costs of managing your IT in-house. Our devoted team of managed IT service engineers, technicians and support specialists will monitor your networks and servers, addressing needs when (and even before) they arise.

Eliminate the costs and hassles of managing your IT in-house and spend time on developing your business by getting more leads, closing sales, meeting the needs of your customers and growing profits.