Professional Services

When you partner with High Standards Technology Inc. we’ll help you set up a network to share all of the devices in your office from printers to the internet. Unless you’re a fan of running cables all over the place and convincing mobile devices to find the wireless signal – it’s better to let us set up your network for you. We offer professional services for all types of networks – wired, wireless and hybrid.

You stay focused on whatever your business does to make money and we’ll handle the networking like:

  • Help you choose appropriate technology for the speed you require, the location of your equipment and how you will use the network
  • Figure out how to connect multiple computers to the network and whether you need hubs or switches.
  • Determine what kind of network adapters your computers have Acquisition and set up of routers and access points
  • Run all network cables
The growth of mobile devices means you’ll need a reliable wireless network to accommodate smart phones, tablets and laptops. You could try to set it up yourself, but unless you have a lot of networking knowledge you’re going to waste a lot of time with the details. Let us eliminate the stress of setting up an office network for you and you’ll save time and money.