Power Your Productivity with Network Security

Posted by | Blog | August 08, 2014

A business with productive employees is a successful business! What could your team do with an extra three or four hours each week? Eliminating wasted time is a great way to increase the amount your office accomplishes each week. Network security is a technology solution for your office that can propel your productivity to a new level. Here’s how:

Consistent Access to Everything the Team Needs

If your network is sluggish or simply not working, your employees become unproductive. As soon as your team members are unable to access whatever they need to do their job, they start to lose focus and their productivity declines – it’s just human nature. On the other hand, when your network is secure and running at optimum levels, your team can access the information and data they need right when they need it – helping everyone stay focused and on task.

Assign Access Based On Users

A network security solution provides role-based security for users. Allow access to resources needed to perform his or her job responsibilities, and block access to anything they don’t need. Users can log in to any workstation and still access only the applications and files they have permission to view. This keeps employees productive so if their individual workstation has an issue, they can just move to another computer.

Prevent Hackers from Accessing Your Data

There are many security threats for your business from viruses to hackers, malware, and theft of sensitive information like financial data or customer information, and spam emails. Network security will reduce or eliminate all of the possible threats to your organization with a firewall and ongoing monitoring of network activities. Not only will the elimination of spam email and viruses from your office environment help your team remain productive, but preventing potential security breaches saves you a ton of money trying to recover from the damage it causes.

Protection Against Insider Threats

No one wants to think their own employees could be the cause of problems, but nearly 70% of data breaches in business with monetary losses are actually caused by internal team members. Network security solutions can monitor all PC activity to find problems before they create serious issues for your company while Access Control services eliminate the need to change locks after an employee quits or is fired. More advanced office security can also include video surveillance, web filtering, laptop recovery and mobile device management.

Let us know if you need more information about securing your network and office against both outside and insider attacks. We can sit down with you for a free consultation, and help you see how network security can improve the productivity in your office.

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