Save Money with Flat Rate IT Services

Posted by | Pages | December 29, 2013

Small and medium-sized businesses on a budget can experience extreme cost savings by working with a managed services provider offering flat rate IT solutions.  One monthly fee covers all of your technology needs, so you can easily budget for the cost and have a system in place to prevent downtime and other technological problems before they occur.

Managed services providers offer 24/7 network monitoring and are proactive to help eliminate downtime – so you aren’t wasting money and time trying to find someone to repair it after it breaks.  It used to benefit MSPs when their clients had problems because they charged by the hour to fix them!  With the flat rate fee model, it now also benefits MSPs to keep their clients up and running or to fix problems immediately – in order to keep their own costs of delivering the service low.  Flat Rate IT services are a win-win solution for both the small or medium sized business owner and the managed services providers.   Instead of benefiting from the pain your business experiences, managed services providers now share in your success.

No Need for Full-Time IT Staff

The average small to medium-sized business can’t comfortably afford the expense of a full-time IT staff, but at the same time – you know as your company grows and changes you have a higher need for IT support in your organization.  Software and hardware require updates, employees need new equipment and training.  A managed IT Solution provides you with access to our managed service provider specialists for a fixed, monthly rate, and will handle all of your IT needs.

What Are Managed Services Solutions?

High Standards technology offers an exceptional flat rate IT solution to support small to medium-sized businesses with their technology needs:

On-demand support from industry experts, without the payroll expenses of keeping an IT department fully staffed.

Higher staff productivity, since your team can focus on their job responsibilities instead of wasting time dealing with IT hassles.

Coverage for all IT services, including networks, software, hardware, and servers.

Proactive services address situations before they become major problems.

Affordable, fixed monthly rate, allows you to easily budget for your IT support and

Level the Playing Field

Large organizations have a competitive edge over smaller business in terms of their purchasing power due to economies of scale – they are eligible for discounted prices because of their large volume orders.  When reselling, they can offer reduced prices to their customers. Fortunately, small and medium-sized businesses in Houston can level the playing field and become more competitive with advanced IT systems and technology through a managed services company.

As the leading managed service provider in Houston, High Standards Technology spares you the unaffordable expenses of staffing an IT department and offers IT service and support with the latest technology.  We’ll monitor your server and networks and be proactive in managing problems to eliminate downtime.  You can spend your time growing your business and increasing revenue.

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