What Would Happen to Your Business if You Experienced Data Loss?

Posted by | Blog | December 29, 2013

Have you ever considered what would happen to your business if your IT information and business critical data was lost due to natural disasters or hardware failure? Do you have a data backup and recovery plan in place that would allow you to operate business-as-usual or would you have to start over from scratch? Houston-based High Standards Technology offers comprehensive and reliable data recovery and backup solutions for company’s like yours.

Far too often, business owners don’t put much thought into the need for securing their data until it’s too late.  It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day operations of your business, but if you knew that 80% of all businesses without an effective backup and disaster recovery plan will be forced out of business within 12 months of experiencing data loss – would you take action to prevent the loss of your business? Of the companies that actually do backup their data regularly, 34% fail to test that their data backup is working – this will also lead to the inability to recover from data loss.   Properly securing your data and having a business continuity plan in place will protect you from the loss of data from natural disasters, human error, hardware failure, viruses and other issues.

Leading Causes of Data Loss

Depending where you are located geographically, you may think you are safe from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, and floods.  Natural disasters can happen regardless of your location, or a fire can take out your entire building and everything inside it – but this type of data loss, while most often talked about, only accounts for about 3% of data loss cases!

The leading cause of data loss for businesses is related to hardware or system malfunctions.  In fact, 44% of all data loss is a result of things like controller failure, head or media crash, and electrical failure.  These are all things out of your control that could wipe out your data without warning.  The second leading cause for data loss is a result of human error which accounts for 32% of all data loss cases.  Dropping a laptop can cause trauma to the device and prevent access to your data.

Software corruption, failed backups, viruses and other configuration type problems are the cause for 14% of data losses.

The annual cost to U.S. businesses of data loss is $12 billion (infographicsmania.com).

We can help you protect your vital business information from loss. We offer personalized data protection options to secure your critical information and IT infrastructure.

High Standards Technology’s Backup and Data Recovery Solutions

Backup of all data and your IT infrastructure in an offsite location, recoverable if your entire building and onsite backup is damaged in an emergency or natural disaster.

Automatic backups completed daily, so there is always an up-to-date file of your information.

Protection against viruses and malware

Monthly service packages – you don’t need to purchase expensive hardware or software to get started.

About 80% of company’s go out of business within one year of experiencing some form of data loss.  How would you know who to contact regarding your customer orders or deliveries if your network and files were no longer accessible?  Would you be able to make new sales if you lost your database of prospective customers?  Don’t risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build by failing to set up an effective data protection plan for your Houston business.  With our backup and data recovery plan in place, you will be among the 20% of businesses who recover from the disaster and remain in operation.

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